Hi, I’m Lisa & I’m the host of
Get f***ing Real

She is smart, she is funny and she loves the word fuck. She has been mentoring 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs for over 20 years. She coaches top coaches, teaches brilliant teachers and intuitively guides the most woo woo intuitives. She’s been a millionaire entrepreneur (for a minute) and a corporate flunky. And her GFR moments (in life and business) are countless, which makes her superbly qualified to host the GFR podcast!

What she knows for sure...when you Get Fucking Real you make a bigger difference and have fewer regrets...period.

About your host, Lisa Cherney

In 2014, after 15 years in business, Lisa Cherney got f**cking real and dismantled her successful 7-Figure business.

She was proud of the financial accomplishment, but burdened by the “monster” she created. It did not make her happy.

To make things worse her “6-Figures On Your Terms” events were helping 100s of entrepreneurs and her refreshing “Juicy Marketing” training was in high-demand around the world.


But Lisa learned that just because something is successful and people like it, doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it.

She always knew she had a low tolerance for not being happy (after all, she left a “successful” corporate career, with companies like AT&T and Lipton at age 28), but now she knows her mission is to help other mission-based business owners get fucking real so they can get out of their own way and help more people!

Lisa Cherney is host of the ground-breaking Get F**cking Real Podcast and founder of the GFR Squad, a lively community that gives people permission to get f**cking real in order to better fulfill their mission. Now at age 50, she knows her mission is to UnMentor™ & UnLaunch™ evolving experts so they heal their business shame and unapologetically take a stand in their marketing and in their life.

Other fun fucking real facts about Lisa are:

She is lazy (This inspires lots of creativity on how to get shit done with the least amount of effort)

She loves TV (This is how she unwinds and her TiVo is one of her most prized possessions)

She can’t spell for shit (Another outlet for creativity)

She likes being naked outside (A discovery made later in life, so you will not be successful Googling “Lisa Cherney college streaking”)


She didn’t want kids (Until 10 years into her marriage - she has one high schooler and is convinced she got it “right” the first time.)

Her husband of 23 years is way cooler than her (He is an engineer who worked for Haagen Dazs, a chiropractor, a singer/songwriter and can expertly bedazzle dance costumes.)

She is not a certified coach, does not have a marketing degree or an MBA (but mentors lots of people who have these credentials and she doesn’t hold it against them)

She is from New Jersey and her parents are from Brooklyn (Thus partially explaining her love of the F word)

#90: Being A Caregiver to Mom (& Myself) Featuring GFR Commandment #4

By Lisa Cherney | 12/16/2021 |

It’s the last GFR Show of 2021, and Lisa’s here to share why—despite living through the Covid crucible of 2020—this has been one of the most transformational years of her life. From embarking on a journey around unconscious racial bias, to her mother’s 9-month battle with a cancer recurrence, to revisiting a 30-year struggle with food…

#85: Lisa’s Confession: F*ck Dieting – This is Me!

By Lisa Cherney | 10/07/2021 |

Lisa confesses about a radical decision she made around her body and food this year that has been brewing for over 30 of her 50 years on the planet. She’s also releasing this episode on video, which is a significant decision for her, as you’ll learn on the show. Hear what wounds Lisa uncovered around…

#77: Lisa Turns 50 “No More Compromising!” Featuring GFR Commandment #1

By Lisa Cherney | 06/17/2021 |

Lisa’s hit the big 5-0 and she’s commemorating the occasion with a special episode inspired by GFR Commandment #1: Don’t compromise.  What are you tolerating? Join the celebration as Lisa shares a key area that even surprised her with how she’s taking her “don’t compromise” policy to a new level. Hear the origin story of…

#73: Bella the Teenager & Lisa the Mom | Bella Cherney

By Lisa Cherney | 04/22/2021 |

Bella Cherney is a former competitive dancer, an aspiring graphic designer, and Lisa’s not surprisingly insightful teenaged daughter.  What’s it like having Lisa F’n Cherney as your mom? What things has Lisa learned from Bella? In this special episode, Lisa shares an intimate conversation with her 15-year-old daughter. They cover topics from gender and feminism…

#71: Marketing Doesn’t Need to Feel Like Marketing

By Lisa Cherney | 03/25/2021 |

Welcome to a special episode of the GFR show where you get to listen in on a recent generous interactive event Lisa hosted called the Marketing Reset Retreat. Do you enjoy being out there, doing stuff to attract clients? Or, in other words, do you love marketing? It’s okay if you’re not a big fan.…

#65: Lisa’s Confession: How 2020 Kicked my A** & Lessons I Learned

By Lisa Cherney | 12/31/2020 | Comments Off on #65: Lisa’s Confession: How 2020 Kicked my A** & Lessons I Learned

It’s the last episode of 2020 and what better way to close out the most F*cking REAL year of our lives than with a special Lisa’s Confession episode where she digs into all the struggles she’s encountered and shares the key lessons she’s learned as a result.  Have you acknowledged how much stronger and more…

#58: Lisa’s Confession: How I Do Life

By Lisa Cherney | 09/24/2020 | Comments Off on #58: Lisa’s Confession: How I Do Life

Welcome to GFR Headquarters! This week, Lisa’s sharing some fun intimate facts behind the scenes of her life and business, and how she maintains her energy and mindset in her daily work routines and personal rituals. Do you love hearing how people structure their day? Tune in to find out Lisa’s self-care routines, what she…

#54: Marketing Confessions & The UnLaunch with Erin Tillotson

By Lisa Cherney | 07/30/2020 | Comments Off on #54: Marketing Confessions & The UnLaunch with Erin Tillotson

This week, Lisa and her 8-year marketing muse Erin Tillotson unveil their UnLaunch way of marketing. They took turns explaining the 4 UnLaunch Pillars and even revealed their new glossary of UnLaunch marketing terms, which is what makes it unlike any other approach you’ve used (or been traumatized by) in the past. Are you ready…

#50: Lisa’s Confession: How the COVID Crucible Served My Mission

By Lisa Cherney | 06/04/2020 | Comments Off on #50: Lisa’s Confession: How the COVID Crucible Served My Mission

Lisa’s her own guest this week as she confesses how the pandemic resurfaced some old wounds she thought were healed and enabled her to work through and learn from them on a deeper level. How have your past struggles served you? In the spirit of GFR Commandment #4: Trust that your struggle serves your mission,…

#46: How Stress, Strategy & Smarts F*ck with Your Flow: It’s Time for UnMentoring!

By Lisa Cherney | 04/10/2020 | Comments Off on #46: How Stress, Strategy & Smarts F*ck with Your Flow: It’s Time for UnMentoring!

Your host Lisa Cherney invites you in for a special UnMentoring Town Hall episode of the Get F’ing Real Show.  Have you found that hitting your money milestones just isn’t doing it for you anymore? Welcome to the UnMentoring Generation. In this episode, get a ringside seat as Lisa shares the 12 UnMentoring Milestones that…


The Squad is a lively community that gives people permission to get f***ing real in order to better fulfill their mission. The more you Get Fucking Real, the more impact (and money) you will make!

Lisa Cherney - Get F***ing Real Podcast Host

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