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Latest Podcast Episodes

#69: From Self Loathing to Fabulous Gay Mystic…Snap! | Alan Davidson

February 25, 2021

Alan Davidson is the author of “Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences”, and the midwife of Evolutionary Mystic Meditation where he helps spiritual seekers embody their true self, their soul purpose and their soul destiny.Do you hide big parts of yourself or feel there’s a false front you’re putting out there?Listen in as Alan…

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Now it’s time for your confession!

The 12 GFR Commandments

Your roadmap for getting real!

This colorful cool-lookin’ guide will be your ever-present reminder to ask yourself the tough questions.

The goal is a business you f’n love and a life lived without regrets.

It’s Confession time! Are you ready to get fucking real?

12 Commandment + 12 Confession Questions = A GFR Life