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Latest Podcast Episodes

#127: From Token Friend to Textile Artist | Dr. Veronica Anderson

December 7, 2023

Dr. Veronica Anderson is a multifaceted entrepreneur, healthcare expert, and Kolbe-Certified Human Design Coach who has authored 4 books on holistic medicine and personal growth.Have you ever felt like a victim, and if so … what did you do about it?Dr. Veronica first appeared on the GFR Show in September 2021 – Episode 83: From…

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Now it’s time for your confession!

The 12 GFR Commandments

Your roadmap for getting real!

This colorful cool-lookin’ guide will be your ever-present reminder to ask yourself the tough questions.

The goal is a business you f’n love and a life lived without regrets.

It’s Confession time! Are you ready to get fucking real?

12 Commandment + 12 Confession Questions = A GFR Life