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#13: From Paralyzed Olympic Athlete to Suicide Prevention Speaker

By Lisa Cherney | 08/08/2019

Today we welcome Scott Sargeant to the show. He’s a high performing healing coach and motivational speaker here to make a confession.

Let me ask you, what would be your first thought if you woke up in the hospital paralyzed from the neck down?

In this episode, we’re going to take a journey with Scott as he shares exactly what happened, how he healed himself after being diagnosed as a quadriplegic and the twist that no one could have anticipated.

If you feel there’s a dark piece of your story that you can’t share or something you’ve been nervous to bring into your work you MUST hear this episode. It quite literally, may change your life.

#12: From “America’s Favorite Sex Geek” to The Accused

By Lisa Cherney | 08/01/2019

Today we welcome Reid Mihalko, America’s Favorite Sex Geek! With an open heart, I’m so excited for you to hear his story. It’s polarizing topics like sexual misconduct [when addressed openly and with massive compassion] that can help us as a society make massive shifts in humanity. With that, let me ask you a question…

How uncomfortable are you willing to get in order to create healing and transformation for yourself and the people around you? As you listen in, I invite you to keep this question top of mind.

This episode was recorded just months after Reid emerged from his wormhole, the struggle an entrepreneur goes through before the next iteration of their mission-based business. It’s real, it’s raw, and packed with epic GRFMoments.

#11: How Opening Up my Marriage Juiced Up My Business

By Lisa Cherney | 07/25/2019

Your host Lisa Cherney is opening up the kimono today! Little did she know when opened her marriage that it would have a significant impact on her business.

If you could live in complete alignment and never suppress any of your magnificence, would you? As you’ll hear, it comes down to questioning your beliefs and stories which open the gateway to freedom.

Today’s episode is bound to lead to a #GFRmomement around your business, your mission or feeling fulfilled in life. Get comfy and tune in!

#10: From House Prisoner to 6-Figure Spiritual Mentor

By Lisa Cherney | 07/18/2019

In today’s episode, we bring on Lisa Turner, a specialist in Human Transformation and Evolution. At the age of 15, she was abducted by a pedophile and held captive for 5 years! That didn’t stop Lisa from earning a Ph.D. in Mathematical Modelling and Aero-acoustics or from being a successful entrepreneur!

Today we’re asking you, where are you a prisoner in your own life? We’re digging deep, and you must listen in to hear how Lisa launched her own technology to free her from her own past while empowering others to do the same.

It was all smooth sailing, though! Lisa Turner has a new confession in this episode that revealed a layer of healing. If you’ve ever struggled with inner limitations, today’s episode is sure to provide some massive mindset shifts.

#9: From Considering His Exit to Mind-Body Breakthrough Expert

By Lisa Cherney | 07/11/2019

Lisa Cherney brings on Tristan Truscott as he shares about his 5-year struggle with intense pain, a $90,000 unsuccessful surgery to reclaiming his identity after a big wake up movement, or as we call it his #GFRmoment. Do you listen to your body? Or do you numb the signals, cut off the connection, or perhaps ignore what it’s trying to tell you all together? Tristan built the largest Marcial Arts Academy in Austin, TX before his devastating back injury. This is his story from considering his exit to success, love, and happiness!