#116: From Asleep At The Wheel to Living a Led Life | Laura Gisborne

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Laura Gisborne is an internationally recognized speaker and business expert who founded Limitless Women. She’s the author of “Stop the Spinning—Move from Surviving to Thriving,” and has appeared on CBS, ABC and, “The List Show.”

Do you consider yourself to be a grateful person?

As a child of trauma, Laura lived in a persistent state of fear and trepidation, which impacted her adult relationships, affected the way she parented her kids, and ultimately … served as an epicenter for her personal evolution.

Hear what Laura’s boss said to her at 21 that completely changed her trajectory from focusing on being good enough for others to recognizing her gifts and being good enough for herself. You’ll learn about other “spiritual mamas” who’ve shown up to guide Laura along her path, and discover how she learned to embody “granular gratitude.”

Laura shares why she decided to leave a kind, loving marriage with her first husband, and opens up about the way their divorce was a wake up call that gave her a deeper understanding of what she values, and catalyzed what is now 30 years of crafting the next season of her life around what matters most to her.

You’ll also hear about another huge GFR Moment when Laura drove head on into traffic after falling asleep at the wheel, and how that accident—and her journey to understand what caused it—facilitated a new level of growth and gratitude. Plus, Laura explains what it means to live a “led life,” and reveals how she learned to walk in faith.


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She is smart, she is funny and she loves the word f*ck. She has been mentoring 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs for over 20 years. She coaches top coaches, teaches brilliant teachers and intuitively guides the most woo woo intuitives. She’s been a millionaire entrepreneur (for a minute) and a corporate flunky. And her GFR moments (in life and business) are countless, which makes her superbly qualified to host the GFR podcast! What she knows for sure...when you Get F***ing Real you make a bigger difference and have fewer regrets...period.