#99: Lovefest for Liberated Leaders with Mama Phyllis in Her Last Days On Earth | Lisa Cherney

The Lovefest for Liberated Leaders is Lisa’s high-vibe networking event where evolving experts mastermind with like-hearted peers in a space where money isn’t the #1 motivation, and where they can feel fully self-expressed and embraced for who they are.

What does liberation mean to you?

When Lisa shared with her community a week before Lovefest that her mother was dying, people expected that she’d cancel. But as Lisa explained on social media, Mama Phyllis has always been her biggest cheerleader and fully supported Lisa following her intuition, which said she was meant to host her event.

What she didn’t expect was that Mama Phyllis, who’s been a long-time participant in Lisa’s events, would summon the energy or desire to participate on camera, live from her deathbed.

Lisa doesn’t usually share Lovefest recordings with non-attendees because you don’t get the same value without the interactive masterminding. However, this was such a profound, divinely-orchestrated experience, Lisa wants to ensure everyone who needs to or wants to, gets a chance to listen in.

Enjoy a taste of what it’s like to be at Lovefest for Liberated Leaders, and soak in the wisdom and healing our precious Mama Phyllis a.k.a. Chief Hug Officer chimes in with during her final appearance “on stage” with Lisa before being liberated from her physical body one week later. This one’s gonna get you—have a box of tissues nearby.

(Mama Phyllis joins in for the first time at the one hour and twenty minute mark 1:20)


To read more about my experience and Mom’s journey, visit our journal on Caring Bridge: Phyllis Says Goodbye

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These are the 6 areas of my life that feel liberated and links to the episode where I shared about my journey: 

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