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From Considering His Exit to Mind-Body Breakthrough Expert

Lisa Cherney brings on Tristan Truscott as he shares about his 5-year struggle with intense pain, a $90,000 unsuccessful surgery to reclaiming his identity after a big wake up movement, or as we call it his #GFRmoment. Do you listen to your body? Or do you numb the signals, cut off the connection, or perhaps ignore what it’s trying to tell you all together? Tristan built the largest Marcial Arts Academy in Austin, TX before his devastating back injury. This is his story from considering his exit to success, love, and happiness!

From Undercover Street Seductress & Victim to Reset and Empowerment Expert

Today Lisa Cherney brings on Diane Halfman, known as the Spa Life Mentor. In this episode, you’re going to hear Diane’s journey from an undercover police officer to empowerment leader. Her confession today is real, raw and something she hasn’t shared publicly before. Strap in and enjoy the ride!

From Abuser to Activist

Lisa Cherney interviews the one and only Andrea J Lee! Here brillance appears in many forms; Entrepreneur, Activist, Author, and Wealth Mentor. In this episode, you’ll hear not only confessions but also stories that highlight abuse in today’s modern world and what we can actively do to improve relationships and business.


From Divorce, Debt & Denial to Discovering Cancer’s Purpose

In this episode, Lisa is talking with Baeth Davis. She’s known as The Intuitive Business Catalyst and has been in business for 20 years, she navigated a difficult divorce and won the battle with cancer three times and she shares it all on GFR. Baeth has gone from $560,000 in debt to thriving today! If you’ve ever wondered why and how everything that’s happened in your life serves you and your mission this is must hear! It’s time to stop beating yourself up, this is your life, your journey, and it’s ALL on purpose.