#81: From Battle Tested Immigrant to Burnout Doctor | Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Dr. Ganz Ferrance is a speaker, author and coach with 30+ years experience as a practicing psychologist.

Do you know how to prevent yourself from getting burnt out? 

Dr. Ganz shares the #GFRMoment when he woke up in a strange hotel with no idea where he was, and tells us how he learned to beat the burnout that led to this terrifying, yet enlightening, experience. He also opens up about the indignities he suffered as a black Caribbean immigrant in an all white Canadian school, and explains how our Adverse Childhood Events (ACE’s) continue to affect us well into adulthood. 

Hear what it was like being the only biological child in a family with 6 adopted kids, and learn how the strategies Dr. Ganz developed to negotiate that dynamic—as well as other family traumas—both led to his breakdown in that hotel room, and now serve to support his mission.

Plus, get a peek into Dr. Ganz’s “Decision Matrix,” and “7 Me Factors,” which help you make decisions based on the impact they’ll have in all parts of your life.  


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