#124: From Trauma Addicted Worried Mom to Wealthy Life Mentor | Anjel B Hartwell |Replay+ (09/12/2019)

Anjel B Hartwell is known as The Wealthy Life Mentor and is the creator, executive producer and host of the award-winning Wickedly Smart Women podcast.

Can you be a good mother and have a drug-addicted child?

On this special REPLAY+ episode, Anjel returns to the GFR Show with an update on how she’s been evolving since she first appeared as Emerald GreenForest in September 2019.

In her original episode, Anjel shared a beautifully vulnerable account of her journey with her son and his addictions and confessed the way it affected her professional identity as a healer. She talks about the harrowing GFR Moment when her relationship with her son was transformed, and tells us what an aptly-named cop said that night to help her finally break the lifelong cycle of abuse that trapped her in a “victim role.”

Hear the fascinating backstory of why Anjel initially changed her name from Amethyst Wyldfyre to Emerald GreenForest, and in the PLUS part of this REPLAY+, we hear more about the power of names and why Anjel feels so strongly about being congruent with what she calls herself.

Listen in, or watch on my YouTube channel, for 3 major lessons Anjel’s learned over the past 4 years, and get an update from her on some miraculous shifts she’s experienced as the result of stepping into her authentic self.


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About the author, Lisa

She is smart, she is funny and she loves the word f*ck. She has been mentoring 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs for over 20 years. She coaches top coaches, teaches brilliant teachers and intuitively guides the most woo woo intuitives. She’s been a millionaire entrepreneur (for a minute) and a corporate flunky. And her GFR moments (in life and business) are countless, which makes her superbly qualified to host the GFR podcast! What she knows for sure...when you Get F***ing Real you make a bigger difference and have fewer regrets...period.