Work with Lisa...

Guess what the #1 reported outcome of working with Lisa Cherney is???

...drum roll…. You will get fucking real!


You will get real about why you are not putting yourself out there in a bigger way.

You will get real about the fears keeping you hidden and small.

You will get real about what’s not working for you anymore.

You will get real about the old shit that is still getting in your way.

You will get real about how ready you really are to do the thing you know you’re supposed to be doing.

Lisa has seen a direct relationship between the level of willingness to get real and the level of results created. This can include your business relationships, your life partner(s), your body, your home, your kids, your sexuality, your job, your commitments, your obligations...any part of your STORY.

It all impacts your mission.

You will get real AND you will get clarity on what the F to do next!


"I wasn’t looking for Lisa, but I heard her on a podcast…and her message spoke to me. Since working with Lisa, my income has tripled…one of the biggest benefits of working with Lisa is all this free time I now have and I am making a lot more money."

Shalini Yamdagni – Founder of EFT Thailand, Magical Pain-Free Living

"For the last 10 years, Lisa Cherney has helped my VIP mastermind clients get pointed in the right direction quickly. What Lisa teaches is essential for EVERY business and the best part is, she mentors with heart and with the wisdom that comes from having tested it all out over and over again in her own super successful business!"

Lisa Sasevich - Queen of Sales Conversion

"Lisa helped me to increase my confidence and ability to communicate what I need to, to the people I want to work with…rather than just anybody who gave me a call. I doubled my income and my WHOLE mindset changed. This is MY business now."

Mary Schmid - NSA Minnesota

The #2 reported outcome of time with Lisa...CLARITY!

Yes, Lisa is a expert in marketing and sales, and leveraging and scaling your business, but chances are the problem that you think is all about marketing and selling and scaling your business FIRST requires you to GFR about something in order to have a breakthrough in that area.

There may be tears and there will definitely be lots of laughing. There will also be concrete action to take (not always easy or fun) that will create breakthroughs and flow. It’s these actions that will create the results you say you want.

These actions will get you out there doing what you are meant to be doing so you are not one of those people who gets to the end of their life (which could be tomorrow by-the-way) and says shit like, “I wish I had the courage to do what I really wanted to do and didn’t care so much about what others thought.”

Life without regrets.

Life fulfilled.

Legacy made.


The people that are most aligned with working 1:1 with Lisa 
are Evolving Experts ready for “UnMentoring.”

Below are the 12 UnMentoring Milestones. If you find that you no longer resonate with the “Old Mentoring Habits” column on the left then you are likely a fit, and may want to proceed to a conversation with her.

The 12 Step UnMentoring Journey

Old Mentoring Habits  New UnMentoring Milestones 
1 You know the #1 thing standing in your way is a missing skill (i.e. selling, marketing, speaking, etc.)  You know the #1 thing standing in your way is you! (You are holding your mission hostage.) 
2 You know you need help to overcome your fears and be successful.   You know your mission is tied to your personal and spiritual growth, and the more you heal and evolve the more your business will evolve and grow. 
3 You want to do what other successful people have done.   You trust your intuition and lean on Source (Spirit, God, Goddess, Universe) to guide you. 
4 You need a mentor you trust that has more experience than you to give you advice.   You trust yourself fully to make business decisions and seek support to learn what feels right for you. 
5 You are willing to push yourself and work hard to make lots of money and be successful.  You allow ease, flow, and synchronicity to create abundance. (Stress is not required to be successful.)  
6 You feel the need to prove yourself as an expert and build credibility.  (i.e. testimonials, awards, credentials) You are done trying to prove yourself and are ready to stand firmly in your well-earned expertise.  

(No more certifications or degrees needed!) 

7 You are focused on creating lots of new opportunities and finding the best new strategies  You know what to stop doing and are comfortable saying “no” to opportunities that don’t feel fun and fruitful to create space for right-fit opportunities. 
8 You want a proven business model to follow.  You create a business model that suits you, feels good and fulfills your mission.  (Passion first, then strategy.) 
9 You invest in step-by-step systems, blueprints, templates and formulas for sales, marketing, etc.  You evaluate the formulas and systems you don’t fully utilize and confidently choose which parts suit you best and leave the rest. (No regrets!)
10 You want your product to be attractive to the most people possible.     You only want to attract clients and opportunities that are an energetic match.  You are vulnerable and unapologetic in your marketing. 
11 You want a proven enrollment process to follow.   You are at ease talking with potential clients about their pain and struggle, without fixing it. You know when they are a fit and confidently share what is possible if they work more closely with you.    
12 You want to price your offers in line with the market and your competitors.   Your fees reflect your confidence in your expertise and the impact you make. You feel the value you provide and consistently give yourself a raise.