Bonus: Gratitude for Past Mistakes featuring the GFR Squad

Happy Thanksgiving, for our US listeners, and for our international folks happy gratitude today to you!

Today I have something special to share from myself and a few of our GFR SQUAD members.

This short bonus episode is here to fill your cup, to highlight how feeding your soul feeds your mission, and give you a shot of inspiration to carry with you throughout your day.

Enjoy today with the people you most love to be with!


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About the author, Lisa

She is smart, she is funny and she loves the word f*ck. She has been mentoring 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs for over 20 years. She coaches top coaches, teaches brilliant teachers and intuitively guides the most woo woo intuitives. She’s been a millionaire entrepreneur (for a minute) and a corporate flunky. And her GFR moments (in life and business) are countless, which makes her superbly qualified to host the GFR podcast! What she knows for sure...when you Get F***ing Real you make a bigger difference and have fewer regrets...period.