#110: From A Child of Hoarders to Multi 7-Figure CEO | Margy Feldhuhn

Margy Feldhuhn is a multi seven-figure CEO, a certified neuro-somatic coach, and the Forbes-featured podcast host of “We Get It, Your Dad Died.”

Do you ever feel like you are missing your opportunity or that you should be further along?

Margy tells us the story of her meteoric rise from a $15/hour contractor position to CEO at Interview Connections that came after years of struggles and multiple rock bottom GFR moments she’d experienced before taking that first position.

Margy vulnerably shares her journey from being medicated for anxiety and depression at age 11, through a tumultuous adolescence and early adulthood of abusing alcohol and drugs. She also opens up about when she was 26 and working a fulfilling job in Taiwan, she suffered the ultimate crash of losing her dad to suicide.

Hear how taking 5 months to clean out her parents’ hoarded house after her dad’s death gave her perspective on his life, and learn about the healing she found in offering her mother, and herself, a new way of living.

Listen in to learn how Margy’s lessons from her traumatic past—and the massive amount of work she did to heal from it—turned out to be blessings that empowered her to stand “rock solid” in the face of any challenge that came her way.


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About the author, Lisa

She is smart, she is funny and she loves the word f*ck. She has been mentoring 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs for over 20 years. She coaches top coaches, teaches brilliant teachers and intuitively guides the most woo woo intuitives. She’s been a millionaire entrepreneur (for a minute) and a corporate flunky. And her GFR moments (in life and business) are countless, which makes her superbly qualified to host the GFR podcast! What she knows for sure...when you Get F***ing Real you make a bigger difference and have fewer regrets...period.